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Stroller organizer bag - sky grey

Stroller organizer bag - sky grey

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This bag is designed to create an elegant alternative to the ordinary and unaesthetic stroller organizers. It is smaller than a standard baby changing bag.  It is convenient for short everyday walks and chores, where the amount of storage space needed is not tremendous. There is shared a compartment and 4 open compartments for personal as well as baby items. Two of the pockets are intended to hold/carry bottles in an upright position. The bag has one outside pocket on the front for keys or a mobile phone and is easily accessible during a walk. The biggest advantage of the bag is the ability to wear it as an elegant shoulder bag just by attaching the shoulder strap.


Bag design/benefits

  • Dimensions: W= 33 cm / D=10 cm / H= 22 cm
  • Everything stored inside is clearly visible and easy to find/reach. The bag has 3 interior pockets and 1 exterior pocket.
  • The Lining is easy to clean. It is made up of a cotton fabric lining with a water-repellent layer. Only a simple paper napkin is required to clean any spills.
  • The product is made using the highest quality of natural leather - It is durable and easy to clean.
  • The bag can be attached to any stroller and special straps that fit any stroller are provided.
  • The bag can be worn as a casual female or male handbag using the separate shoulder strap which is provided as part of the product.